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Julia & Thomas photography started out from pure passion. While travelling the world together, they have gain full appreciation to all the endless wonders the world can offer to any adventurer. Along the way, they have ultimately realized that the most baffling appreciation to this world is human experience.

Moment over life’s hurdles. Indeed, such is the way to live life fully. To feel the moment is a quintessential approach to their photography. To put it simply, pictures are the most intrinsic and holistic way to tell a story.

With Julia & Thomas, they shall capture moments in the most candid manner. Away from disturbances of camera clicks and tricks, they will record life’s happenings like it is already written in the hands of God. It is in their best approach to let you just savor the momentum of any event. Instantly, Julia & Thomas will just be there capturing smoothly the celebration into heartfelt photographs of a lifetime.


High quality photographs. Creative Concepts. Fun to work with. They all love Julia & Thomas. Just hear what they would have to say!

“Weddings are the most critical occasion to organize. Whenever I look at my prenup photos, I still have fresh memories like they were just yesterday.”

Emily Burton, Hertfordshire

“It is fun working with Julia & Thomas. I totally recommend their creativity especially for big family gatherings.”

Lorena Williams, London

“State of the art video equipment. Very professional to work with.”

James Filan, Manchester


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